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ASO SERVICE? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


Well, I was wrong. You give the app guidance in things you’re interested in. The app then finds interesting stuff on the web & delivers it in chunks easiest enough to devour. 

You can inform it that you’re interested in the  best app store optimization services in 5, 10, or 15 minutes of knowledge a day. After a few days I’ve gone to the max. I could use more! 

Boost Your App Rankings with ASO

It’s a nice break from all BS political crud out there. Thanks developers! Great job. 

It’s got news, podcasts, videos, diy, puzzles, photography, music theory & so much more. I’m here for the long haul. Since leaving FB, this is my favorite app.”

Topics I know nothing about, words of the day, poetry, inspiration and motivation plus games. What’s not to like. What a great way to start every day! I like when being taught something new they will do a little quiz. Anticipating that makes me pay better attention to the material. If you are only doing this to score points, don’t bother. Go out and get yourself a bag of gold stars if you need that much confirmation.

I found this app through Duolingo ads and I was glad I did. I jumped in and purchased it and I have had a great experience following several lesson plans on how to write a novel. I have watched interviews with authors and went through specific processes on how to develop stories.  I have also enjoyed all the political radio broadcasts they have recorded. I know how to expand my selection of topics as time goes on.

Incidentally, I meant to cancel after the trail. I forgot! And have been living with it ever since because it is VERY expensive. But, it’s very much appreciated how in a single app I have the option to do everything “I’ve been meaning to” in a bad way. From things I’ve been wanting to learn, things I need to brush up on and even found a couple things I have literally no motivation for! (Knitting, rly.)

This app is amazing. I have picked up interest in so many different fields from language, STEM, music, and the list continues to grow. Each day you are given different videos to learn from like tutorials. I have been getting new words and introductions to historic people and artists. It depends on what you desire to learn. The curio app will give a questionnaire that will find your current interest as well as things you’d like to learn. Try it !

“Yes, I too felt a little deceived once I actually went through the process only to discover that it was not actually free. But here’s the thing, I bought it and I have zero regrets. Because if you actually buy it and start going through different learning courses, you’ll be amazed at just how detailed and informative it all is. Now I have to say it, you have to want to learn for it to be worth it. If you only wanted a fun quiz game this isn’t it. For more information visit