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SEO Requires Good Keyword Analysis

Search engines give a lot of weight to text in the title of your document, so it is especially important to ensure that you place your keywords there. Of course, there are other places in your document that are almost as important for keyword placement.

Domain Name

Having keywords in your domain name can really help boost your site’s rankings. If you wish to rank for “buy golf clubs”, you might wish to buy a domain like or

In order, the best domain extensions for SEO seem to be:




I don’t generally bother with any other extension, because they just don’t seem to work very well for SEO purposes.


It’s not just the domain that counts, either. You can also put your keywords elsewhere in your URL. For example, you can name directories after keywords, and you can name HTML files with keywords, too.

For example:

Heading Tags

Heading tags are used on websites to separate various sections of a page. The H1 tag is given the most weight, but it should be used sparingly. You should use your main keyword in an H1 tag once on your page. Then you could use a couple of alternate keywords in H2 and H3 tags.

Body Content

Obviously, you would want to use your keywords in the body text of your site, as well. It’s a good idea to use your keyword phrase at least twice per page, but be careful not to overuse it. When you repeat the same phrase too many times on a single page, it can appear spammy and actually hurt your ranking.